This site is an important part of my mission, which is to collect all  world coins ever issued by type.   (Yes, I know there are hundreds of thousands of those).  So, if you find that there are coin types missing from my collection, please offer me those.. and if you need anything from my doubles please ask!  Or alternatively, throw me your doubles list and I'll check for what interests me. I may sometimes have some banknotes on my doubles too which I trade to coins, I don't collect banknotes myself.

I trade by Krausevalues and very seldom use any other methods (coin to coin or marketvalue) so please offer coins valued on Krause, therefore swaps are easier to to accept. I've got all my doubles valued on Krause and if not it's definetly mentioned as well as any major problems or damage on coins and polished coins should also be mentioned. I like to receive my coins as they are -dirty and dulled. I can offer lots of coins, which are not on my doubles list too, and if you think I could arrange something -ask.

If you collect coins by years/dates/mintmarks, and you need some common coins from my doubles, I can also trade those to some doubles I already have, to trade forward. So if you need anything from my doubles -don't hesitate to propose something, I might even agree.....

I'm a 44 year old fellow from Finland and collected coins close to 30 of those years.                 
You can contact me on following languages:
-på svenska
-auf deutsch
-in english
-capito un po d'italiano 
-Me expreso muy mal en idioma español, por favor inténtelo mediante otro idioma 

Thanks, merci, gracias, grazie, dziakuj, tack, takk, dhanyavad, kiitos, obrigado, spashiba, aitäh, schönen danke -for reading this all.......Aki